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Fire Shield Fire Protection, Inc. has been in the industry for over 35 years. Over time, we have been providing fire protection services to businesses, restaurants, places of worship and government buildings across Coppell.

Your safety remains our primary objective – we want to ensure that the valuables, belongings, and property of your building are protected from the hazards of possible fires. We have a reputation for putting the customer’s needs first and will go to great length in protecting your property.

Are you in the City of Coppell and have questions? Contact us right away and speak with one of our fire protection experts and find out the reason why our fire services are highly recommended by prominent companies!

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Coppell Fire Protection Services

Our Services

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Our highly trained personnel serve customers all over North Texas, including the City of Coppell.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Fire Shield Fire Protection, Inc. offers prompt and professional, 24 hour mobile fire extinguisher recharge.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Protect your commercial kitchen from the dangers of fire. We offer a full line of services for your kitchen system.

New Fire
Extinguisher Sales

We are your local fire extinguisher supplier and fire protection company for the City of Coppell.

Emergency Lighting Inspections

Serving the City of Coppell with a full line of batteries, bulbs, and exit and emergency lights for your building.

Fire Extinguisher Testing

Fire Shield is licensed for all types of fire extinguisher testing. From Six Year Maintenance to Hydrostatic Testing.

Early planning is key to
achieving your protection.

Don’t wait to make sure your fire extinguishers are in working order,
let the team at Fire Shield Fire Protection, Inc. come assess your needs today.

Instruction... Just In Case

Fire Extinguisher Training

Training workers on how to adequately make use of fire extinguishers should be incorporated into your safety program. Fire Shield Fire Protection, Inc. provides a fully packaged session to train workers on how extinguishers are used. 

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